The World Between Blinks

1st Jan 2023
To say that the book, The World Between Blinks, is just a story about cousins who get lost in a world where all the lost things of our world have gone, would be to simplify the story unfairly. Written by Ami Kaufman and Ryan Graudin, this book introduces us to cousins Marisol and Jake. ‎… Read

Inspiration Strikes

2nd Oct 2019
In our latest house move, I discovered an old cartoon we had drawn when our house was struck by lightning. This happened in the 90s. It’s an exciting experience. Fortunately we had very good ground protection but it was a blinding strike. A friend, looking out an upstairs window said it looked like a dazzling… Read

Felix Yz – Lisa Bunker

16th Sep 2019
I read Felix Yz with growing delight. The story is captivating. The tension builds throughout. I cared deeply for all the characters. All of that.  But, for me, the best part of the book was the voice that Lisa Bunker used to tell the story. The blurb line below the title states. ‘It’s what’s inside… Read

Laura Tucker : her debut novel

10th Sep 2019
All the Greys on Greene Street  By Laura Tucker Meet Olympia, a girl with a lot of problems. None of them are her doing. Her father has decamped to France under mysterious circumstances and her mother has taken to her bed and is not to be disturbed. Olympia is left to cope, keeping her mother’s… Read

50% Sale July2019

2nd Jul 2019
Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale! July 1, 2019 – July 31, 2019 Welcome to the 11th annual Smashwords Summer/Winter sale! For the entire month of July, thousands of Smashwords authors and publishers will offer readers exclusive discounts on their ebooks. It’s a great opportunity!

Pillage – Trilogy

14th Jun 2019
Recently I read a very refreshing trilogy written by Obert Skye. The three books are Pillage, Choke and Ambush. They deal with a young boy, Beck Phillips, who is cursed with dragons. Yes cursed. And that’s where the refreshing part comes in.These books developed a set of dragons totally different from any I had ever… Read

Author Visit – Best Ever!

6th Jun 2019
Over my writing career I have had many enjoyable visits to schools. I love talking to the students about writing and my stories. The enthusiasm and excitement the children and teachers exhibit revitalizes my energy and enjoyment in the writing process. Recently I spent a morning at Brooksbank Elementary school in North Vancouver. What a… Read

WRAD 1st Feb.2019

4th Feb 2019
February 1st is World Read Aloud Day. It is estimated that there are over 750 million people in the world who can not read effectively.If you want to learn more about this movement and what is being done to bring read closer to those who don’t have the advantages what we have check out…. Read

The Shepherd’s Crown

31st Dec 2018
Terry Pratchett’s DiscWorld series is justly famous, loved by fans all over the world. He wrote a series of 5 books for young readers within the DiscWorld environment. These books follow the coming of age of Tiffany Aching. She grows from a young girl missing her granny as she makes cheeses, into a fully-fledged witch,… Read

Skype Lessons

17th Dec 2018
In the last little while I have presented  lessons over Skype. The first was in Georgia, USA, and the second in Utah, USA. It was a delight for me to face a group of children and give a talk. I find that working out what is important and what I want to impart helps focus… Read

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G. Rosemary Ludlow grew up in Adelaide, Australia, where she taught school for many years. She loved teaching children to read and her favorite thing to do was to tell them stories. History stories, geography stories, stories about spelling, or arithmetic - it is all stories.

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