Inspiration Strikes

2 October 2019

In our latest house move, I discovered an old cartoon we had drawn when our house was struck by lightning. This happened in the 90s. It’s an exciting experience. Fortunately we had very good ground protection but it was a blinding strike.

A friend, looking out an upstairs window said it looked like a dazzling white sheet flashed over the window. Another, saw a ball of lightning bounce off and roll on the road. We were so lucky. A couple of computers were fried, 1/3 roof replaced, but other than that we emerged unscathed.

The reason I thought the picture germane is that this is the house in which I wrote all four of my Crystal Journals books. Book five, which is tentatively called Olympia, is being written at our new premises – but more about that later.

Eric Bardel, the talented cartoonist who drew the sketch for us has, unfortunately, since died. Ave Eric.


(G.Rosemary Ludlow 2 October 2019)

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