Pillage – Trilogy

14 June 2019

Recently I read a very refreshing trilogy written by Obert Skye. The three books are Pillage, Choke and Ambush. They deal with a young boy, Beck Phillips, who is cursed with dragons. Yes cursed. And that’s where the refreshing part comes in.These books developed a set of dragons totally different from any I had ever read about before. Still beguiling and magnificent but much more malevolent than most dragons you meet between the covers of a book. Not only does Beck need to deal with their malevolence, but also his almost irresistible urge to nurture and join them – that’s where the curse comes in.

With a cast of interesting and compelling characters and enough mysteries for 6 books, I thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy and highly recommend them to readers looking for something a little different – and scary. G.Rosemary Ludlow.2019

(G.Rosemary Ludlow 14 June 2019)

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