Author Visit – Best Ever!

Over my writing career I have had many enjoyable visits to schools. I love talking to the students about writing and my stories. The enthusiasm and excitement the children and teachers exhibit revitalizes my energy and enjoyment in the writing process.

Recently I spent a morning at Brooksbank Elementary school in North Vancouver. What a fantastic time I had. I showed them my crystal, which is the main inspiration for my stories, and the children were immediately taken with the potential for stories the concept inspires. My fourth book, Freedom, is set in the future, and this seemed to ignite the imagination of the children in each group. Asked where Susan should go next many suggested other future adventures for Susan to undertake.

Thank you Vicky Milner for your peerless organization of the event and thank you students for your attention, interest, and enthusiasm.

(G.Rosemary Ludlow 6 June 2019)

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G. Rosemary Ludlow grew up in Adelaide, Australia, where she taught school for many years. She loved teaching children to read and her favorite thing to do was to tell them stories. History stories, geography stories, stories about spelling, or arithmetic - it is all stories.

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