The Shepherd’s Crown

31 December 2018

Terry Pratchett’s DiscWorld series is justly famous, loved by fans all over the world.

He wrote a series of 5 books for young readers within the DiscWorld environment. These books follow the coming of age of Tiffany Aching. She grows from a young girl missing her granny as she makes cheeses, into a fully-fledged witch, able to take on the full responsibilities of being witch to her community.

Along the way, she belts the Fairy Queen with a skillet, kisses winter (but there was not tongue) and faces down many even more formidable foes. She is ably assisted by the Wee Free Men – even when she doesn’t want their help – and these tiny men are the froth in the mix.

I have read each book in this series within a series and I’ve chuckled and groaned through every one of them. They are a delight.

Pratchett delivers a healthy supply of worldly wisdom along with rousing stories and crazy characters who leave you wondering why you believe in them, but you do.

Read the series. You deserve it.

The Series

The Wee Free Men

A Hat Full of Sky


I Shall Wear Midnight

The Shepherd’s Crown

(G.Rosemary Ludlow 31 December 2018)

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