“Lady Knight” Winners!

12 October 2017

To me, this is a great way to mark the launch of Book 3, Lady Knight.
We have a giveaway on Goodreads. And we have the winners.

A copy of Lady Knight is on it’s way to Kiev in Ukraine. This is the first
giveaway book we’ve sent to that country. I checked on Goodreads,
and this lady has already read A Rare Gift. So now Book 3 is speeding
on its way to her.

The other giveaway is on its way to Faro in Portugal. That is the first to
be sent there as well. There’s an interesting connection with Portugal, though. Diogo Lando who has produced the covers for all three of the Crystal Journals books lives in Portugal. Enjoy the adventure.

LADY KNIGHT has arrived! book 3 of “Crystal Journals” available now.

Young adventurous readers are introduced to a sense of Medieval European culture when time traveler Susan Sinclair and her cousin Jason, are transported to the year 1212 where they help a royal runaway save her family.

There are challenges, obstacles, and danger at each and every bend of the road for these brave and resourceful adventurers. So get on your bike, car, horse, skateboard or even better walk or run to your nearest book store and order your copy ..Susan & friends await your arrival……

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review:

Her timeslip adventures in the prior books are deftly summed up in a preface chapter that neatly and succinctly sets the stage for her medieval encounter in Lady Knight, so newcomers will be up and running quickly as
Susan enters medieval Europe.

The details about the real-world Children’s Crusades of the times are neatly woven into this fantasy and successfully bring the era to life. G.Rosemary Ludlow does a fine job of entwining the lives and perspectives of a host of characters surrounding Susan, from a royal runaway, Katerina, to Griswald, Jason, Watt, and others. While the meat of the story lies in the puzzle of Susan’s role in this world and the experiences and intentions of those who surround her, it’s these details that bring the story to life, supporting Susan’s exploration of a history she knows too little about.

The result is an engrossing timeslip saga that will delight young fantasy enthusiasts of the genre and newcomers alike, who will find Susan a realistic, believable protagonist who continually faces challenges and overcomes obstacles in the year 1212, when “…thousands of children took to the roads of Europe, all travelling to free the Holy Land.”
D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review  Lady Knight 


(G.Rosemary Ludlow 12 October 2017)

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