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10 May 2017

Beyond the Boundaries
by Jackie French.  http://www.jackiefrench.com/
​This book is the sequel to Walking the Boundaries. The two books tell the story of an indigenous boy, Martin, learning to value the land for all its qualities. He goes on a very spiritual and mystical journey discovering and uncovering wonders everywhere. I highly recommend these two books to everyone. They are a joy to read. Jackie French is a hugely popular Australian author.



The Year My Life Broke
by John Marsden.    http://www.johnmarsden.com/
​This book all centered round the sport of cricket. I had no idea that there was so much subtlety in the game. Woven around the sport was a lovely story of a boy who has been thrust out of his normal comfortable life and how he comes to grips with the new life he now leads.

John Marsden is a very popular Australian author. He wrote the Tomorrow series. I haven’t read any of those yet as I always like to start with the first of the series, and it is so popular I can’t find it at a library. The first of the Tomorrow series is called Tomorrow when the War Began and they made it into a movie. Have you seen it?

The Mostly True Story of Jack
by Kelly Barnhill.  http://www.kellybarnhill.com/
​This is the third book I have read from this author. I’ve loved every one of them. Her stories are very unusual and her characters are interesting individuals who face huge calamities and make very difficult decisions. Each book is set in a fantasy world. I highly recommend her books to you. ​Her other books that I’ve read are:
The Witch’s Boy & Iron Hearted Violet (G.Rosemary Ludlow 10th May 2017)
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(G.Rosemary Ludlow 10 May 2017)

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