20 August 2017

Goodreads has just chosen the winners from our latest book giveaways. We are always intrigued to see where our books will be traveling to. This time we have copies of A Rare Gift going off to Australia (ACT) and the United States (Delaware).

Copies of Pharaoh’s Tomb are off to Great Britain (Birmingham) and the United States (Tennessee). We would like to thank everyone who showed interest in entering for the books. It’s quite exciting to watch the numbers grow over the days.

Oh, and we’d like to remind you that the giveaway for Lady Knight (Bk 3) concludes in mid September, so there is still time to have your name in the draw.

Good luck to all of you, and to the winners, enjoy the books.

(G.Rosemary Ludlow 20 August 2017)

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