Why I’m writing a series.

10 May 2017

Writing a series of books is a lot of fun.  I’m finding that as I write one story I think of lots of other ideas for new books in the series. Sometimes I even lay in little hints or ideas that I know I can pick up on in later books. I can think of at least three characters who have been introduced already but who may return in later stories. But not in the ways you might think. That’s my surprise. And I always want to have surprises in my books. That’s a lot of the fun of it.

Writing more than one book with the same lead character also gives me the opportunity to develop her character in many ways. I’ve written three books so far and Susan has learned and experienced so much that she is a different girl than she was at the beginning of book one, A Rare Gift.   Will she always stay good and true, or will she get thoroughly sick of helping people all the time and maybe decide that she can just have an adventure on her own and do whatever she wants. Hmmm.

Susan is accumulating quite a bit of wealth along the way too. She has a beautifully worked necklet of Ma at. She also has two gold honor necklaces from Egypt. Maybe that wealth will get her into trouble at home. What if someone finds the precious ancient artifacts she has stashed in her room. How will she explain how she came to own a sacred necklet of Ma at?

And then, of course, there is her crystal. She has duties to attend to with that. Also, there are 3 other crystals out in the world. Who is wielding them? And, don’t forget, she had to leave two behind in the tomb as they wouldn’t break off. So many possibilities.You will just have to wait to see where the crystal will take her next.
Of course, if you have an idea where you think Susan should go or who she should help ( and that’s not you and your homework) then send me a comment.There are so many adventures to come. (G.Rosemary Ludlow 10th May 2017)
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(G.Rosemary Ludlow 10 May 2017)

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