Eclipse & the Pinhole Camera

18 August 2017

At the moment, North Americans are very excited about the total eclipse of the sun which will occur on Monday August 21st. Eclipses always pose a danger as people try to see it.

It takes a specially treated lens or telescope to be able to watch the eclipse by looking at the sun.

There is a very easy and safe way to see the whole thing without endangering your eyesight. It costs next to nothing. Please teach all the children around you to use this simple method. It’s called a pinhole camera.

I am posting the URL for the NASA link which explains the method and shows how to make one. There is nothing to it. AND IT’S SAFE.
image:By Javichu el jefe – Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,


(G.Rosemary Ludlow 18 August 2017)

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